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Report from Bangkok

Sandeep Sikarmi

Sandeep has helped to distribute food, medicine, blankets and sleeping foam for the earthquake affected people at Kumpur, Malakhu and Dhading. The people who received the items are believers and from lower caste people who are very much in need.
The program was very blessed and we heartily thank supporters in Australia for helping us to provide for the 3. At Bethlehem Orphan Home, girls showing their handicraft. earthquake victims.

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Report from Thailand

Somchai Soonthornturasuk

Somchai is involved in assisting with Compassion & Care parcels after a fire that destroyed 29 Karen village houses in the high mountains region in Northern Thailand at Chiangmai Omkoi district recently. Somchai has recently returned home from outreach in Kanchanaburi Province near Myanmar’s border.

In August Saengthong underwent surgery. Please pray for her recovery

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Report from Nigeria

Pastor Udeme Eyeni

Report from Pastor Udeme in Nigeria From March – June I have shared 1,500 gospels each month among church leaders, who shared the gospels to their congregations and church outreaches with the correspondence course. I have received favorable feedback from those who benefited from the distribution.

Through gospel distribution the Lord has used the written word to draw hundreds of souls, especially in farming & rural communities. We are targeting the areas where people are still living in ignorance of our Lord and Saviour.

In my village we distributed the gospel among the village youth, many surrendered their lives to Christ and are worshiping in our local church. I also hand out the gospel on my trips to cocoa plantations in the Cross River State of Nigeria.

In conclusion, the free copy of John’s gospel has yielded positive results. The copies left will be exhausted around October/November. I thank the brethren in Australia who have contributed to saving thousands of souls in Nigeria.

Praise God we are able to print another 10,000 Gospels of John.

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Report from Bangladesh

By James Karmakar

At present the political situation has cooled down. Now I am giving an update on distribution of John’s Gospel, during May and June we have visited Anglican, Baptist, Presbyterian, Tribal, Isha-EJamat Churches, Christian organizations and Schools in
Dhaka, Gazipur and Narayangonj Districts.

Could you please pray for the Pastors and others who have taken the Gospels that they will be used properly.

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Report from Bangladesh

Distribution of John’s Gospels has been slow, due to political tension here since January. The petrol bombings of vehicles has caused the burning and deaths of many people. Before the road blockages and school closures took place we managed to supply 1,000 Gospels to Baptist Mid Mission, Natore, Rajshahi who are working with local people among the Hindu & Muslim communities.
1,200 were given to Bijoy Bangladesh, Mirpur, Dhaka for young boys and girls in the Muslim community.

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The crazy world of drugs

By Stephen Downie, TPTL Field Officer Australia
Reflection Reading John 10:10

Drugs in Australia is ripping apart families, destroying young people, causing suicides, depression, anxiety, disfigurement, mental illness, anger and violence.

The Police admit they have lost control. It is a serious problem with truck drivers. It is a world of scrambled brains.

Australia and Western society is paying a terrible price for leaving people with no foundation, no faith in God and diminished
maturity. If you teach young people in the public education system that we are here by chance and are not the intent of a loving God, then young people will live as though there is no tomorrow and no God to whom we must all give an account. Today so many people are filling their lives with Facebook, Twitter, technology and entertainment and have no skills to deal with aloneness, relationship breakdowns, unemployment and failure.

It is time to look again at Jesus who gives us purpose, joy, peace and meaning. When we have a Christian perspective on life, all the gifts of creation become a celebration and a joy. We are truly whole when we are wholly in Jesus.
It is best to say “No” to drugs. It is best to live a happy and fulfilling life giving praise to God for His goodness to us. It is best to give God the glory in your life and you serve a greater purpose.

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Report from Joseph in Myanmar

By Joseph Rajan,
TPTL Representative Myanmar

TPTL Myanmar printed 60,000 copies of the Christmas booklets. They were distributed to prisons, monasteries, hospitals, churches and orphanages all over Myanmar. What a joy it is to see that the Good News of the birth of Christ has been made known to people who do not know the real meaning of Christmas.

Rev Ed Long booklets from the series Problems People Face, are a practical blessing & relief to those who are facing a life full of difficulties and harshness. I praise the Lord for the immediate relief they receive after reading them.

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Report from Somchai in Thailand

By Somchai Soonthornturasuk,
TPTL Representative Thailand

Our Christmas Outreach campaign consisted of 3 months of activities with volunteer help from local churches and Dr & Mrs Galieh from Sydney, our co-workers for the past 24 years, who used their artistic and creative skills to perform and speak to thousands of students and teachers in schools, colleges, universities, churches and open-air night meetings in Eastern, Central and Western Thailand.

We heard some of the headmasters say how lucky the students were to see such an amazing program and that this was the first time for them to hear the Gospel story. 26 people made a decision publically to accept Jesus Christ.

We are so pleased that Thailand, at this time, is still an open door and people’s hearts are open to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. God has done miraculous things to bring many Thai people to trust in Him and many people nationwide are seeking the things of God. Many were hungry for knowledge of God.

We give all the praise and glory to the Lord and thankful for the blessings, the love, protection and miracles over the past three months.

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Field Officer’s Report

Presented by Stephen Downie, TPTL Field Officer

TPTL Australia first printed 100,000 copies of John’s Gospel for Nepal and they have all been distributed. Bible studies groups have sprung up in Churches in Kathmandu with Sandeep Sikarmi, the TPTL Nepal Honorary Representative, leading the groups in the Correspondence Course. A further 50,000 copies of John’s Gospel have been printed and already there are wonderful results of blessing and studying the Correspondence Course.

TPTL Australia Board has made the decision to supply 25,000 copies of John’s Gospel to South America, and Norberto Diazgranados of Columba will be the Honorary TPTL Representative in South America. The Correspondence Course will be included and the Gospel will be in Spanish.

I met Norberto in Toowoomba, Queensland, at a breakfast. He was very excited about getting involved in evangelism. This is a new project and the first time TPTL Australia has been involved in South America. Norbert writes: Amen, Halleluyah! I am excited and very happy and rejoice in the Lord for this big blessing! Thanks to all of you for your prayers, thanks for all your help and support, and thanks for everything else! I have already talked to the church in Columbia, in Chile and Venezuela about this; everyone here is praying for this big thing. A lot of outreach work is coming! Thanks gain dear Brother Stephen! May God bless your life, ministry and work.

Prayer and Praise:

  • A lady pensioner of Newcastle who has been responsible for getting 3,700 copies of New Testament and 11,000 copies of John’s Gospel into Solomon Island.
  • TPTL Honorary Representative, Norberto, in South America
  • TPTL Honorary Representative, Sandeep, in Nepal
  • Somchai and Saengthong’s health issues
  • Stephen’s visit to UAE, Fujairah, Sharjah and Dubia: February 19-28
  • Christmas booklets by Ed Long: 20,000 for Thailand, 60,000 for Myanmar
  • Distribution: 50,000 John’s Gospel in Bangladesh through Global Recordings.
  • Fred and Stephen’s health
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Report from Myanmar

Presented by Joseph Rajan TPTL Representative Myanmar

The 2014 rainy season in Myanmar is almost over and the weather seems to be mostly pleasant. Young people from the churches have started their outreach activities – giving out tracts to patients in hospitals, praying for the sick, distributing tracts and Christian booklets to people at bus stops and markets. It is exciting that those who received the booklets on “Problems People Face” have come to accept Jesus as their Saviour and referred to churches near their homes.

My good friend, Zaw win Tun, Director of the Far East Broadcasting Company (FEBC) in Yangon reported recently that many of his listeners who received the Gospels and Ed Long’s booklets had committed themselves to have closer relationship with God. He wrote:

“Dear Brother Joseph, we thank the TPTL Ministry for sharing with us the needed Gospel literature. The contribution made to FEBC is so precious and it has helped many believers and non-believers learn and understand the Word of God in their lives.”

Molly and I attended the 25th Anniversary Thanksgiving Service of the Petra Evangel Church in Taungoo, about 200 kilometres north of Yangon.

I was invited to speak about the TPTL Ministry and also to minister in song. TPTL Myanmar gave the church copies of John’s Gospel and Ed Long’s booklets.

We also visited the Naw Bu Baw Prayer Mountain in the Karen State, around 60 kilometres from Taungoo and about 4500 feet above the sea level. There we met with youth leaders and gave them some Ed Long’s booklets to distribute to people who come to the Mountain to pray. We praise God for that trip. We were amazed to see people come to pray, spending quiet time with the Lord and dedicating themselves to Him.

Do pray and praise with us:

  • For God’s continuing blessing on TPTL Ministry
  • For continuing good health for Joseph and Molly
  • For TPTL Ministry during the Christmas season
  • That the distributed Christian literature will fall on good ground
  • For people who are reading the PS+Ps+Prov
  • For the printing of the Gospel of John and Christmas booklets.