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The Preaching continues…..

By Somchai Soonthornturak – TPTL Evangelist, Thailand

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

The year 2013 is ending, but the preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ does not end. We praise and thank God for the way He led us, helping us to walk with Him step by step. A lot of people showed great interest in the Gospel and many came to trust in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. Saengthong and I have visited and followed up the new believers regularly. It is encouraging that some of them  have visited us or sent us letters or phoned us.

At the present time, we are very busy with our Christmas Outreach in schools, shopping centres, orphanages, hospitals, jails, slums and churches, and nightly open-air meetings.  It is our pleasure to share what God has done during the months of September and October.

Heavy monsoon rain and flooding made it difficult for us to hold open-air rallies, but thank God, we were able to preach in schools, village halls, homes and streets, as well as distributing the Gospel of John and Christian booklets and tracts in Bangkok and upcountry. Youth and Children Camp and Combined TPTL Churches Camp were held during October at Khao Kro Palace at Phetchaboon’s Khao Kro District. 320 children and youths attended, many of them accepted Christ as personal Saviour. Praise and glory be to God!

The theme of the Camp was, “Step Together”. Saengthong and I did the teaching. I also preached at night meetings. Saengthong, assisted by some volunteers, cooked for the camp.

After the Camp we continued our open-air meetings in Smong hill-tribe villages in the mountains, and in Thai villages. 26 people committed themselves to Jesus. Praise God! George and Rita Galieh of Sydney, Australia, arrived on November 10 for our Christmas Outreach. They have joined hands with us in this ministry for 20 years. Please pray for the Campaign during November and December.

• Safe journey from place to place

• Ministry at Ban Rai Blessed Church, Kanchanaburi Province – November 8-10

• Welcome to George & Rita – November 10

• Wedding Ceremony which I will be conducting for our church members at Pattaya Baptist Conference Centre – November 11

• George & Rita preaching at Open-air Meetings at Suang Lung – November 13

• Preaching at Ti Sip SPC Government School – November 14

• Preaching at Suntisuk Church in the slum at Samupra’s Prasamutjadee – November 15

• To Central Thailand – November 16-19

• Preaching at night at a Crusade at Thaveephon Sripachan Church – November 16

• Preaching on Sunday morning at Thaveepon Sripachan Church and evening at Hang Ka Church – November 17

• Preaching in two Government Schools on November 19; returning to Bangkok in the evening

• Preaching in Bangkok Thonburi University – November 20

• Travelling to Kho Samui (Samui Island) – November 21. Ministering in schools, men’s prison, women’s prison, local churches and the International Church and distributing John’s Gospel and Christian booklets around the island. Returning to Bangkok on November 28.

• Preaching at Niwet Haeng Pra Chris Church in Bangkok – November 30

• Preaching at Uloksimung Church at Kachanaburi – December 1

• Travelling to Eastern Thailand – December 2-4

• Preaching at Bangpee School in the morning and conducting revival meeting at Bangpee Church in the evening – December 6

• Preaching at Ban Haeng Pra Pon Church – December 7

• Preaching at Saengsawang Chinese Church in the morning and Bangkat Church in the afternoon – December 8.

• Farewell to George and Rita – December 10 (see you both next year)

• Continuing our Christmas Outreach in Central Thailand – December 13-14

• Christmas Outreach in Petchaburi in South Thailand – December 17-19

• Christmas program in TPTL Church at Angthong’s Pothong District – December 21-22

• Christmas program at open air meetings at TPTL’s Church at Chanthaburi’s Klung District – December 23-24

• Christmas program at Sathorn Chinese Church – December 25

• Christmas program at TPTL’s Church at Kanchanaburi – December 28-30

Once again we thank you for your prayer and partnership with us. May God bless you all richly and grant you His strength, love, wisdom and peace.

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Field Report – Stephen Downie

We have received very encouraging news from Sandeep and Sona, missionaries in Nepal, about the excellent results of the Correspondence Course. A group of 14 adults and another of 30 young people completed the Course.

Ashish Christian Church

Pastor: Subash Gopali

Palung 1, District Makawanpur,

Narayani Zone, Nepal


 Marks received:

Gyanu B K 98 100 98 92 98

Suvaratna Thokar 92 92 98 100 92

Selbhlya Pradhan 92 100 92 100 98

Sara Pradhan 100 100 100 100 98

Kabita Sunar 100 100 100 92 98

Mamata Pradhan 96 100 96 100 98

Pragati Pariyar 100 100 100 96 98

Nanu B K 88 64 96 100 96

Saroj Pradhan 92 100 94 92 96

Surya Deep Bhujel 92 100 88 92 98

Srijana Thokar 96 92 84 80 90

Baju Kaji Pradhan 98 100 100 100 100

Subin Gopali 98 100 100 96 96

Pratap Pariyar 84 96 96 88 96

Patrush Pariyar 92 100 98 92 100

Sharmila Thokar 100 100 100 96 96

Nirmala Thokar 96 100 92 100 98

Barsha Sunar 80 74 88 88 80

Sabin Pradhan 84 80 88 76 90

Rupak Lawagun 86 96 98 96 88

fieldreport2 fieldreport1

Thank you for your support and prayers for the revival going on in Kathmandu, Nepal. Dubbo Baptist Church has been a great support for this project. A further 100,000 Gospel of John will be printed in Nepal for February 2014.

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The BIBLE: The Best GIFT

A report by Joseph Rajan
TPTL Myanmar

We serve the God who does wonders! At the end of June, Molly and I visited Pathein, the capital city of the Delta area in Myanmar, where we delivered 5,000 copies of NT+PS+Prov (New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs) to the National Council of Churches.

At the hand-over meeting about 20 leaders from different denominations welcomed us very warmly. Rev Father Morris, speaking on behalf of the Council,  declared that the best gift for people in the area was the Bible for it would bless and strengthen their spiritual life. He also thanked TPTL in Australia and Myanmar, and all donors who had contributed freely to the ministry.

In the middle of July 4,500 copies of the Bible were sent to the Kachin and Shan States in the North Eastern part of Myanmar along the border of China.  Tribal people such as Kachin, Lisu, Shan and Wa, and many other minority groups who live in the area long for peace and tranquillity in their lives. The
tribal leaders praised God for the Bibles that they said would help their people find peace in God.

Bibles were also given to some orphanages that would be used for personal devotions and worship services.

Isaiah 61:1-3 spoke to me recently about “the year of the Lord’s favour” on TPTL Myanmar. God’s Spirit is on TPTL Myanmar for He has anointed it to spread the Good News (NT+Ps+Prov) to the poor, to bind the broken hearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release to those in darkness.
Praise God for the distribution of NT+Ps+Prov and those who assisted, and those who have given their lives to Jesus. Ask God to transform the lives of those who received the booklets.

Pray for 5,000 new Ed Long’s Christmas booklets, for more requests for the Correspondence Course, and for good health for Joseph and Molly.

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A Window of Opportunity

Sandeep and Sonia are missionaries in Nepal and are supported by St Martins Anglican Church, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates (UAE). They are leading a group
in a church in Kathmandu using the TPTL (Aust) Correspondence Course. 14 people have been going through the study and this is very encouraging news for
establishing young Christians in the faith. sandeepsonia

There is a window of opportunity in Nepal because of the revival that is taking place. It is a great need for evangelism that it is also accompanied by a strong Bible teaching and training. A further 100,000 copies of the Gospel of John will be printed for Nepal for early 2014. This time there will be the offer of Free Correspondence Course in the back page of the Gospel.

The Gospel of John with the free offer of a Bible Correspondence Course meets both the need of the gospel and teaching.

Sandeep & Sonia
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Congregations involved in Evangelism

Report by Stephen Downie – Field Officer
It was a wonderful blessing to visit Kathmandu, Nepal, in February this year. There were four church services and one Pastors’ Conference.

The challenge was put to the congregations to be personally involved in evangelism and not leave it to the Pastors or Church leaders. In the four services 42,000 copies of the Gospel of John were taken by people to distribute, and at the Pastor’s Conference 12,000 copies were taken. Since arriving back in Australia, in a period of eight weeks, 100,000 copies of John’s Gospel have gone out to the community.


It was a very exciting experience and to feel that there is a spirit of revival in the country within the Church and amongst God’s people. One Pastor said, “Come back next year and bring 40,000 copies of John’s Gospel and have them ready for the Christmas service when 20,000 people with gather.”

There is a lovely Christian couple, Sandeep and Sona who have a House Church, and they have a burden for Nepal. I stayed with them and enjoyed their hospitality.

We need much prayer and wisdom about this door that is open to the Gospel of Jesus.


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India and the UAE Emirates

A small gospel team of Fred Strong (Gospel singer) and Ian Hughes (on the keyboard) from Melbourne joined me for a time of ministry in India and the UAE Emirates. In India we were involved in Church services, a Mission School with Commerce students, and a Christian school for orphan students. In Dubai, Sharjah and Fujairah in the Emirates there were Church Fellowships. Fred picked up a bug in his chest in India and it was thought he might have pneumonia but all was well and he was able to sing at all the meetings.autumn2012_10

The Emirate Churches were very generous in their support of printing the New Testament (with Psalms and Proverbs) in Burmese. There is a window of opportunity now in Myanmar (Burma) and the request from Joseph Rajan of TPTL Myanmar is to get God’s Word among people who do not have Bibles. House fellowships meet without the Bible for teaching and guidance. The plan is to print 25,000 copies at the cost of A$1.90 per copy. They must be printed in Myanmar and registered with the Government. This will be done and so churches and orphanages will be blessed with the scriptures in their hands. The Word of God is valued by the Burmese people, in their own language.

As always, wonderful Christian people were our hosts. Josh and Jess Prabhakar in Bangalore, India, blessed us with their hospitality, and in Dubai/Sharjah, James and Beenah Samuel and their 3 boys welcomed us into their home as though we were angels in disguise.

Their hospitality has meant all the donations received go to the printing of Burmese New Testament (with Psalm and Proverbs) without any cost or administration fees. By the grace of God we have been able to meet every request for 100,000 copies of John’s Gospel in Thailand, the Ed Long’s material in Myanmar, 11.000 Bibles for Uganda, 25,000 Gospel of Mark for East Timor and 30,000 Gospel of John for Romania and Moldova.

This has all been God’s doing and for His glory! I have been struck by Scripture that calls us to go forward in faith and not stay safe in the comfort of the four walls of our limitations.

To be comfortable is deadly for the Church, the Christian organisations and individual Christians.
• Where is the Lord leading us in the future?
• Where is the Lord leading you in the future?
There is the balance of course not to over extend but it is unfaithful to bury our one talent in the sand.
Let us pray to strike the balance in the work of the Lord so that our finances and our gifts honour God.

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Myanmar TPTL Literature Ministry

The year 2011 was full of the Lord’s blessing. Our TPTL Literature Ministry which spread the Good News throughout the country to Christians and non-Christians was fruitful and full of excitement, Many wonderful reports and responses have been received from those who found new life in Jesus or their faith in Christ strengthened after reading John’s Gospel and Ed Long’s booklets.autumn2012_9

Molly and I thank TPTL Australia and CLM Australia for funding the printing of these materials. We also thank Rev Aung and Charity of Christian Faith Ministry, Mr Zaw Win and Sandar of Far East Broadcasting Company, Rev Zin Hla of Every Home Crusade, the church
leaders, evangelists, Christian workers and various individuals around the country for helping to distribute the literature.
Christmas Booklets: 50,000 copies of Ed Long’s Christmas Booklet in Burmese language were printed last December.

35,000 copies of which were included in the Christmas Gift Packets for the shut-ins, schools, hospitals, rehabilitation centres, orphanages, and villages. On my visit to Mandalay from 2nd to 5th December, I met with some church leaders who were delighted to receive 10,000 copies of the Christmas Booklets.

Pastor Suan of an Assembly of God Church remarked, when he received the booklets, “I was planning to hold two Christmas Outreach, one in the Mandalay and the other in Pyin Oo Lwin. But I didn’t have any Christmas literature. I prayed earnestly to God. He has done a miracle! He sent this wonderful Christmas gift through TPTL Myanmar.”

Everyone present at the church worship that day joined him in praising God. The remaining 5,000 copies of the Christmas Booklets were
given to members of FEBC Listeners Club, Myoma Baptist Church, and Every Home Crusade in Yangon.

We praise God that many people have been blessed and some have come to know Christ as their personal Saviour after reading the

Another 30,000 copies of Ed Long’s booklets have just been printed and will be distributed soon. Please join us in prayer that those who receive these booklets will be encouraged to read the Bible on a daily basis and to apply the promises of God in their everyday lives may grow in their faith in Him and their love for Him.

By God’s grace, I was invited to attend the first Forum for Christian Printers and Publishers of Asia, in Hong Kong from 7th to 11th November last year. It was organised by Media Associate International and attended by 68 participants from all over Asia. Speakers were from USA, United Kingdom, China, Hong Kong, Australia, the Philippines, and Singapore.

I learned new methods, insights, and techniques in editing, printing and publishing the Word of God.
Prayer and Praise:
• Pray for God’s blessing on TPTL Myanmar Ministry throughout 2012
• Pray for the distribution of Ed Long’s booklets and ‘The Bible’ distribution project.
• Pray for the up coming printing and distribution of the New Testament (with Psalms and Proverbs)
• Pray for the reprinting of Ed Long’s booklets (6 different topics) for June
• Pray for Molly and me and all who are helping the TPTL Myanmar Ministry
• Pray for good health for Molly and me.
• Praise God for the literature distributed and for the wonderful responses received
• Praise God for the gracious donors ad for the members of TPTL Australia Board.
• Praise God for the protection and blessings bestowed on TPTL Myanmar.