A Victorian contributor writes:

While witnessing with my dying neighbour with the Gospel of John, which she was so pleased to receive, she went straight to the ‘Love is the Bridge’ section and you could actually see the “light” dawn. She assured me later that she had prayed the Sinner’s Prayer, and I believe she is now with her Father in Heaven. So thank you for your prayers.
She was 87. God is good!

A Message for a SA contributor:

In the recent tragic news of the cricketer Philip Hughes, dying as a result of a sporting accident, I was reminded of the frailty of life. While the world seeks for answers as it has coverage over all the press, I was reminded of the only answer to life’s tragedies is in the Lord Jesus Christ. Psalm 23

Excerpt from Bruce Kelly’s Report:

In recent times, in our city streets’ sectarianists vigorously promote their heretical views. Religionists promote violence. Libertarians, supported by high profile community leaders, publicly flaunt their anti Christian sexual preferences.
Together, like the upper and lower fangs of savage animals they grind away at the basics of our Christian faith in which we
both labour and suffer reproach, but God has something to say about this in Job 29:17 ‘I broke the fangs of the wicked,
and plucked the spoil out of his teeth’ Isaiah 35:4-6 Also encouraged me, ‘Say to them that are of fearful heart, be strong,
fear not, behold your God will come with vengeance, even God with a recompense; He will come and save you.Then the eyes
of the blind will be opened and the ears of the deaf shall be unstopped. Then shall the lame man leap as an hart and the tongue
of the dumb sing, for in the wilderness shall waters break out, and streams in the desert’

Messages to Stephen from NSW & QLD Churches:

Thanks so much for the quarterly News Flashes. We are greatly encouraged to see the Lord at work in these countries where the Gospel is preached.
We remember these dear saints and your personal ministry often in church prayer.
Thank you for sending the News Flashes. It is so good to hear how the Lord is still at work all over the world. Bless you guys.
Love what you do.
The continuing work being done at TPTL is always near to the hearts and a great encouragement to all the members of Clayfield Assembly, and we do praise God for the great work being done amongst the needy folk in the area where you minister
God’s Word and we trust that the work you are doing may help them to the saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.

A Cairns contributor writes:

We have been blessed with distribution (of Gospels) to grieving Cairns people due to the recent deaths of 8 precious children. Our church has members going to the Cape, visiting Aboriginal communities, so we hope these Gospels will be a blessing to those who receive them. Please Pray.

From NSW Sports Chaplaincy:

It was great to read your article, “Sport and Church in Australia”. There are over 100 chaplains in NSW alone, placed at the elite level, from Olympic Games to Australian National teams, to the elite level of football codes, cricket, basketball etc. Rev Steve Stubbings, a Baptist Minister who was at Narellan ‘Lime Tree’, has been transferred to our National Office. He was sports chaplain to the Penrith Panthers RLFC for 17 years until his transfer to Melbourne. He would be a good contact to begin a possible second article should you be interested

A Victorian contributer writes:

I love reading the News Flashes about the wonderful ministry in places like Thailand, Myanmar and Uganda. I also enjoyed the article about Gary Abblett and other Gold Coast Suns players praying before a match. It is good to know that there are some good Christian role models in our sporting teams. I put tracts in letterboxes in rural towns and handout John’s Gospel in Bourke Street Mall, Melbourne. Recently in New Zealand I handed some Gospels to the people there. May the Lord Jesus bless your ministry!

Strathfield NSW contributor writes:

Thank you so much for so kindly and promptly forwarding to me the extra copies of the Winter Edition of the News Flashes. Copies of the article on Elaine de Rusett have already been posted to the Archbishop and the Principal of Moore Theological College. I have known Elaine since the 1940’s and her dramatic rescue during the Congo uprising received wide coverage in the secular press in 1965, with doors opening for her testimony everywhere. Katoomba Baptist Church has two very fine ministers and, although Anglican, I pop in from time to time when on the mountains. As one member said to me, “the best Church on the mountains” and I am not prepared to argue with that. Walter Mottram conducted several Holiday Bible Club at our church and I had a very high regard for George Glazier.

From Goonellabah, NSW re Stephen Downie’s ministry:

Just a brief note to convey our appreciation for the work of TPTL and your continued faithful service. Since your visit we had an encouraging and fruitful assembly outreach camp where one lad trusted the Saviour and several others were confirmed in their faith. We have so much for which to be thankful but so much work to do as we look out on the whitening fields and see also the storm clouds looming over the horizon.

A NSW Correspondence Course student writes:

It has been a daily lesson that is gradually helping me to grow strong after receiving Jesus Christ as my Saviour. In Christ I have found the truth and meaning in life that God intended. Christ gives my life its purpose. He knows my sins, yet He loves me unconditionally and forgives me.