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Bruce & Kan Kelly

In March we joined a tour group to Sri Lanka. In Colombo I shared my testimony with Mr Lazarus, a high ranking government official in charge of resettlement after the civil war in recent years. He courteously accepted my testimony and a copy of Sinhala Christian literature.

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Patrick of Malawi

I am a student at Likangala Secondary School. In 2012 I accepted Jesus as my Saviour. Since then I have been working for my small church, especially among youths in my village, M’sanama in the Zomba district. One day a missionary from Romania gave me a copy of John’s Gospel after he saw me struggle to get teaching material. My desire is to help young people in schools and villages to know God. I know many of them are influenced by smoking, drinking alcohol, sexual immorality, cultural beliefs and more. 2 Timothy 2:2 has inspired and encouraged me to help them come to know Jesus Christ as their Saviour. Most of them seem to understand because I try to be their example following what Paul wrote in Titus 2:7-8. [Note: TPTL has sent to him copies of John’s Gospel “New Day/New Life”]

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May – June 2012

From the mail bag over the last few months…

Thank you (Stephen) so much for coming to share with us and once again reminding us how God’s Word touches lives everyday. We are always touched by your passion for what you do!

from St Marys, Sydney

Thank you (Stephen) for sharing the Word with us. It’s always a joy to see you and hear the good news of how people are being reached by this wonderful ministry. God bless you as you bring Jesus to those who do not know the great love of our Father God. May God’s continual blessings be upon you!

from Earlwood, NSW

We have just arrived home from the Pacific Islands and Port Vila, where we visited the Presbyterian Church for the eighth time. At the Sunday Service I prayed for the clergy and elders and presented the work of TPTL. John’s Gospel were eagerly sought at the Service.

from John & Shirley, NSW

I said to an elderly Queensland grandmother on holidays, “Ever attended Sunday School?” “Oh yes!” she enthused. “Did you ever sing, ‘What a Friend we have in Jesus?’” “I know it well!” she smiled, and accepted the TPTL tract What a Friend We Have in Jesus. “Thank you! I will read this.”

To a South African security guard in a local shop, I said, “What is the greatest question in all the world for you?’ He replied, ‘I honestly have never thought about that!” He accepted a copy of the Gospel of John. I said to him, “The answer to the big question is in this booklet.”

from Bruce of Melbourne