The Transformation & Persecution of Rabbi Dugarme

By Stephen Downie, Field Officer

Rabbi Dugarme was a Senior Rabbi in a Synagogue in Melbourne. He was in line to be the leading Rabbi in Australia. He was married and highly educated in Orthodox Jewry.

Someone gave him a copy of TPTL New Testament and he tentatively started secretly doing the Correspondence Course. Each lesson invited him to make the prayer of accepting Jesus into his heart, but he found it very hard and he knew the consequences. There came a time, after about two years, that he prayed the prayer for salvation and his life dramatically changed. He was born again but he was severely persecuted. His wife divorced him, the Synagogue leaders beat him up, punched him in the nose and threw him out. There is a grave in Jerusalem, because he is regarded as dead. He was a man normally of high social standing, but he became destitute and friendless.

He knew Johnny Cash the country and western singer. He went to a telephone box and used the phone on reverse charges. ‘Please put me through to Johnny Cash’ he said to the operator ‘Oh yeah’ she said. He gave her the number and June Carter the wife of Johnny Cash answered. ‘It’s the Rabbi’ she called out. Rabbi Dugarme explained his situation and how he was now a follower of Yeshua (Jesus). Johnny Cash arranged a plane fare to America and he stayed in the home of Johnny Cash and June Carter for 18 months. In that time he met Billy Graham and was a guest on the Crusade platform. He continues to be friends with Cliff Barrows.

The journey of his conversion began with The Pocket Testament League and he wishes to honour that ministry. He gives thanks to God for the love, compassion and acceptance of Johnny Cash and June Carter. Rabbi Dugarme is now a Messianic Jew and leads Bible Studies throughout Australia with a rich love of the Bible.

Announcing TPTL’S new Board Members

TPTL is delighted to introduce three new Board Members to the Team, Jordan Jamieson, Rod Harris and James Martin. They bring with them their Godly knowledge, insight and expertise. Rod has graciously undertaken the honorary role as Treasurer. We praise God for this increase in the Board Membership.

A Sign of the Times

Stephen Downie, TPTL Field Officer Australia

Written by a 15 year old American student:

Now I sit me down in school where praying is against the rule
for this great nation under God finds mention of Him very odd.
If Scripture now the class recites, it violates the Bill of Rights.
And anytime my head I bow becomes a Federal matter now.

Our hair can be purple, orange or green, that’s no offense: it’s a freedom scene.
The law is specific, the law is precise. Prayers spoken aloud are a serious vice.
For praying in a public hall might offend someone with no faith at all.
In silence alone we must meditate, God’s name is prohibited by the United States.
We’re allowed to cuss and dress like freaks, pierce our noses, tongues and cheeks.
Guns are allowed, but not the Bible, to quote the Good Book makes me liable.
It’s inappropriate to teach right from wrong, we’re taught that such judgments do not belong.
We can get our condoms and birth controls, study witchcraft, vampires and totem poles

The Ten Commandments are not allowed, no Word of God must reach this crowd.
It’s scary here I must confess, when chaos reigns the school’s a mess.
So, Lord, this silent plea I make: should I be shot, my soul please take! Amen


Thailand: 40yrs of Faithful Ministry

We celebrate 40 years of ministry in Thailand with Somchai Soonthornturasuk.
He began evangelizing on August 1, 1975 by distributing 100,000 Gospels of John, in the Thai language, on the back of a motor
bike, the bike has since been replaced by many vans over the ensuing years. As well as planting churches and preaching in churches, schools, orphanages, shopping centres and prisons, he and his wife Saengthong visit villages through jungles and conduct open air meetings all over Thailand and borders of neighbouring countries.

Thanks to Churches, individuals and Christian Enterprises for their faithful support in all that time. As long as this amazing couple have health they will continue in ministry.

It has been quite testing and difficult for the past three months to serve the Lord in the villages, because of Martial Law, but we can give thanks for His provision and safety.

February outreach was held at the Cambodian border in Eastern Thailand in the extremely difficult regions of Chanthaburi and Trat Provinces. Outlaws and bandits were a constant source of danger, some
tried to disrupt our open air meetings, but God protected us and we thank Him for the 12 people
who accepted Christ as Saviour. We have a small home church on Cambodia’s border.

During March I spoke to 120 pastors and leaders at the Leadership Conference in Chonburi’s Banbung District, afterwards, with their assistance, we continued our outreach in the villages and towns. Praise and glory to God for 5 people who made a

Children and a youth camps were held at Khao Kro Church high in the mountains at Phetchaboon, they are the hill tribes, where 26 people accepted Christ. In April we held open air meetings at night in central Thailand near churches and night markets.
There were 8 who decided to accept Christ publicly and many showed great interest. We do want to thank you and glorify God for the 48 people who were saved.

Report from Nepal

Please pray for recovery of the nation of Nepal since the 7.8 earthquake devastated their country. Over 8,000 people have lost their lives, 1000’s injured & homeless, homes damaged. Many ancient monuments and heritage listed buildings destroyed. This has been the worst earthquake in 80yrs.

Praise to God that Sandeep and his family are safe. $2,200 will be sent for practical needs of food, water and clothing. Sandeep is already helping at Sindupalcok, Nawalpur Villages.

We have received a request to print Gospels of John in Nepal following the first print of 100,000, another 50,000 and all have been distributed, given the earthquake we must respond to this call. Thanks to a Church in UAE for giving $1,900 towards Gospel printing.

nawalpurChurch earthquakereliefvol


The History of the Pocket Testament League of Australia

A history that spans approximately 100 years. Over 20 people have contributed to the writing of this history.

It begins with the Helen Cadbury story and contains 19 chapters about Presidents Evangelists National Directors Field Officers and others. The booklet is just over 100 pages long, printed in A4 size with wire coil binding

The price is $10 plus postage and can be ordered from TPTL Office:  P O Box 353, Blaxland, NSW 2774.


Love Lifted Me

A collection of Favourite Hymns sung by Fred


Fred Strong and Ian Hughes have been ministering together in music for over 39 years. During that time they have travelled far and wide to share the Good News of Jesus with thousands of people throughout Australia and overseas. For many years, Fred was a regular guest at Gordon Moyes TV Program, “Turn Round Australia” and had the privilege of singing at the Dawn Service on Easter Sunday from the steps of Sydney Opera House.


The music that Fred and Ian have put together on this CD are some of the Classic Hymns from over the years. They look forward to sharing it with you and are sure that you will be blessed and inspired by the music that comes straight from their hearts.


LoveLiftedMecreditsDONATIONS ONLY: $10 plus postage and handling. All proceeds will go towards the ministry of Fred Strong and the work of The Pocket Testament League. If you have any queries in this regard please give us a call. Fred: 0419 329 334 or Ruth: 0438 758 182.

Ministry in Africa – Now in Australia

Elaine deRussel attends the Katoomba Baptist Church in New South Wales. She is in her eighties, used to be a missionary in Africa. She gives out John’s Gospel from TPTL in the Blue Mountain train. Recently she gave a Muslim man a tract, “Who on Earth is Jesus” and a copy of John’s Gospel. “Promise me you will read it,” she said. “Yes,” he replied.

I am sharing with you an abridged version of her story, “The Restraining Hand”.


In mid August we were busy in the daily round of our medical work when suddenly I was called to the dispensary to find an African with a
gun wound. I knew about leprosy, malaria, trachoma, conjunctivitis, and childbirth but not about a gunshot wound. My colleague and I asked for
God’s wisdom and strength. The Lord helped us! When he was healed and discharged, my life changed.

Two days after admitting the gunshot case we watched trucks go past with fierce looking armed Simbas. We knew a war was on.

From then on we heard of atrocities committed on anyone in a position of authority. We never knew when they would come to our compound demanding penicillin or ordering us to hand over the keys to our truck.

We heard reports of other missions razed. We came to dread the nights but always the Lord gave me the promise from His word to rest upon

Then it was our turn. At 2.30am one of the male nurses pounded on the door. “Madam,” he cried, ‘the Simbas have taken off Madam Doctor and they are gathering up all the whites.” I felt fear coming into my heart but God replaced it with His peace. Samuel, an African worker, weeping, said, “I will stay and die with you!”

At first nobody seemed to know what to do with us. Some of our captors were cruel; a few were apologetic. Later the manager of the cotton mill, Bill, was murdered. He was a kindly and godly man from Arizona, USA. The Africans pleaded that he be spared along with Jim, a British missionary school teacher. They were both beaten and killed.

We heard a radio report of a massacre, so we fled into the jungle. After a few hours of freedom, we were discovered in the early morning by ten boys from the youth movement. They were armed with spears and a metal club. They danced around us screaming and prodding us with their spears.

They marched us out of the jungle and forced us to walk on barefoot on sharp gravel. They beat me because they said I was sneering at them. In the goodness of the Lord, a mission-educated Congolese, now a Simba, intervened and told them to take us to a house. We spent the night on the concrete floor. We sought the Lord in prayer.

On December 30, things suddenly looked very bad to us. We heard the sound of exploding bombs, the rattle of machine guns. We knew the mercenaries were close. “O God,” I said, “if you don’t get us out today we will never get out.” The Simbas beat us with the butts of the guns. After what seemed an age some unshaven white men with machine guns called out, “Where are the missionaries?” Quickly we were helped into trucks and escaped with an armed convoy.

Within a week I was back in Sydney rejoicing with friends and thanking God for His great love and restraining hand.

Elaine deRusett has not given up!

Tribute to George Glazier – Stephen Downie

Tribute from Stephen Downie,
TPTL Field Officer:

George Glazier passed away into the presence of the Lord at 3.10pm on 1st January 2014. He was the President of The Pocket Testament League (TPTL), Australia, for over 23 continuous years. He died while still in office.

He was an incredibly generous Christian man and he devoted the best of his life to TPTL (Australia). He played a large part in getting Somchai Soonthornturasuk to ministry in Thailand, Joseph Rajan in Myanmar, and 12 years ago he phoned me to invite me onto the Australian staff.

He worked with Walter Mottram in outreach all around Australia. He led Bus Tours for hundreds of Christians around the country (he had a captive audience in the bus when he could sing the hymns), and he was involved in TPTL International. He led a “Pleasant Sunday Afternoon”, singing the great hymns at Hornsby Baptist Church, it seemed like forever!

Somchai said he regarded George as a Dad. Joseph said he was a hero to him I was with George in Thailand, Myanmar, and the Olympic Games in the USA when we were involvedin giving out 300,000 copies of the Gospel of John. I spent time with him in planes, in cars and motels, in meetings, and found he had a very soft heart. He could easily become emotional when there was some tragedy or some need in the world. He once witnessed a dead baby left on the road in Bangladesh, and it haunted him for the rest of his life.

George loved to sing. He loved to sing hymns. His hero was George Beverley Shea, and two of the favourites were, “How Great Thou Art” and
“Blessed Assurance”.

We commend George to God’s keeping and everlasting peace. He loved the Lord and served his Master faithfully, sacrificially and generously.

TPTL (Australia) needs your prayer as we look for a replacement to fill the position as President of the Board.

Tribute to George Glazier – Joseph Rajan

I was in Thailand when I heard the news of George’s passing from Somchai. Words cannot truly express how we felt.
We have lost a great leader, a father with a cheerful disposition, and a humble servant of God. My father, Silva, and the entire Rajan
family cherish very fond memories of him. He had visited Myanmar twice and Somchai and Saengthong in Thailand a number of times.

God had given George to us; he has taken him back. Blessed be the name of the Lord. “Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints.” (Psalm 116:15) Truly, George is one of them! We love you, George!