Tribute to George Glazier – Dr W D Archbold

Tribute from Dr W D Archbold, at the Service of Thanksgiving:
I would like to prefix my brief remarks by reading two verses of Scripture. They are a record of the Apostle Paul’s commendation of his brother in the Lord and fellow worker, Titus.

“As for Titus, he is my partner and fellow worker among you; as for our brothers, they are representatives of the churches
and an honour to Christ. Therefore show these men the proof of your love and the reason for our pride in you, so that the
churches can see it.” (2 Corinthians 8:23-24 – NIV)

George’s life and ministry was an honour to Christ and also the reason why we can take pride in his effective management of TPTL. Therefore I consider it a great honour to be asked to speak about our brother and his long association with The Pocket Testament League.

I first met George in the mid eighties. From time to time Sydney Festival Male Voice Choir was asked to sing at a TPTL Presentation. As I was one of the Choir’s Evangelists, I went with them and it was there that I first met George.

Sometime later, the League was looking for someone to work with them as their Evangelist. Brother Keith Williams approached me, and that is briefly how I became associated with TPTL.

It was my pleasure to work with the League for the best of a decade. During which I came to know our brother quite well.
During this entire time George was the President and in that capacity I was in regular touch with him. It was about six years ago that
the League celebrated George’s 30th Anniversary as President, which means, as he died in office his tenure as President was almost 40 years.

This evidences George’s deep passion for this wonderful work for the Lord. I think I could say that it was his consuming desire to see the Word of God placed into the hands of as many people as possible.

He had a special interest in an overseas Evangelist whose name is Somchai. And George made numerous visits to Thailand to encourage him in his distribution of the Gospel of John. It was George who encouraged Somchai to take up the responsibility of the work of TPTL in Thailand, which he had done for over 40 years.

I discovered that George was a very generous man. In 1993 TPTL celebrated its 100th Anniversary. George invited me and my wife, Jean, to join him as Australian TPTL representatives to attend this commemorative conference in the United Kingdom. We had a wonderful time at the Conference and also visiting various sites associated with TPTL. For example, we went to Cadbury Chocolate Factory and, of course, other places as well. We had a little bit of problem keeping George away from chocolates! He said he was buying them for his wife, but I
had some doubts about that.

George personally covered every cent of both our travelling expenses. All of the people who were and are associated with TPTL in one
way or another are deeply appreciative of George’s huge contribution to this ministry. He will be greatly missed. The Lord has called George home but those who still remain have very fond memories of our dear brother.

Our Hearts Were Strongly Committed…

Reported by Somchai Soonthornturak
TPTL Evangelist, Thailand

“Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in the heavenly realms with every spiritual blessing in Christ. For He chose us in Him before the creation of the world to be holy and blameless in His sight.” (Ephesians 1:3-4)

It is our pleasure to share what God has done in our ministry during the months of May to August. Heavy monsoon rain, storm and flooding made it difficult for us to hold open-air evangelistic rallies, but, thank God, we were able to preach in schools, village halls, homes, and streets as well as distribute the Gospel of John and Christian booklets and tracts in government flats, slums and schools in Bangkok
and upcountry.

Climbing up the 5 to 8 storeys flats to hand out the Word of God to people in every unit was a challenge. Saengthong and some volunteers were not able to do it, so they visited the slums. The living conditions in the flats were bad, hopeless.
We saw groups of people gambling, consuming alcohol and getting totally drunk, and smoking opium and cigarette. Young people huddled in
various corners sniffing glue. “Who is responsible to reach out to people in about 1,500 slums in Bangkok?” We thank God for calling us and giving us a burden for these people to bring them “out of darkness into His marvellous light” (1 Peter 2:9)

One morning an elderly woman, carrying a cleaver, stepped out of her unit and rushed at us. She was against us and wanted to evict us. We thank God for His protection; no one was hurt. We continued our distribution work, and shared our faith in Jesus with those who showed interest. We believe the Lord was with us in our work and we praise Him that 22,000 copies of John’s Gospel were distributed.

From the last week of July to the first week of August our Outreach Ministry took us to Northern and Central Thailand. We held open-air meetings and children’s programs in the villages of Tak’s Mae Sod and Mae La Mardi Districts in Northern Thailand, along the border of Myanmar. Rainstorm, unusual low temperature at night and a two metres high flooding in Mae Sod hampered our work greatly. Our equipment suffered extensive damage. While travelling along the muddy road to the hill tribe villages, Saengthong and I and our team of four young men and two women from Suphahburi Church had an accident. Thank God that none of us was hurt. There was no damage to the van and we were able to continue and complete our program. Despite all the difficulties and hardship that came our way, our hearts were strongly
committed to the Outreach.

We joined hands with the churches in Central Thailand in the provinces of Suphanburi and Kanchabiri to reach out to local villages. The
villagers welcomed us openly and readily accepted the Gospel of John and Christian booklets. Large crowds of people gathered at the open-air rallies in school halls, basketball courts, and homes to hear the Gospel stories and the preaching of the Good News of Jesus Christ, as well as enjoy Christian music, films and testimonies. Many stayed after the program to talk and seek answers about the meaning
of life and faith.

We truly thank God for His provision and protection. We glorify Him for 64 people who accepted Jesus Christ as Saviour. Please pray with
us that the Lord will continue to use us to bring more people to salvation in Him, especially during our Christmas Outreach in the months of October to December.

Please pray with us for:

  • Journey mercies as we travel from place to place to preach the Gospel of Jesus
  • New believers that they will grow spiritually
  • Follow up courses for those who have committed their lives to Christ
  • TPTL Churches in Thailand
  • TPTL Church Camps, Youth and Children’s Camp during October
  • New believers who have been baptised
  • Correspondence Course students
  • Saengthong’s and my health
  • George and Rita Galieh’s partnership in our Christmas Outreach in November and December

May God bless you all richly and grant you strength, love, wisdom and peace!

137 People Committed to Jesus

Reported by Somchai Soonthornturasuk – TPTL Evangelist – Thailand

Warm greetings and love to you from all of us here in Thailand in the precious name of our Saviour and Mighty Lord, soon to return Jesus Christ! We thank Him for allowing us to serve Him and to share His great love through His Son, Jesus Christ, with all people here in Thailand. He has blessed and continued to bless our ministry and our family. All praise be to Him!

We thank all of you for your encouragement, support and faithfulness in prayer! Some of you have been doing this for many years. We thank God for every remembrance of you.

It is our pleasure to share with you what God has done in our 2013 Summer Evangelistic Outreach Campaign during February, March, April and May. We have many exciting experiences and stories to share but it is difficult to tell all of them. We will therefore just highlight some stories and show some photos.

Our ministry requires constant travelling, especially to places where the Gospel has not been preached. Generally people in various villages and towns are receptive of our visit and show interest in the Living God. We prayed for 100 people to come to know Christ. Praise God, 137 people accepted Him as personal Saviour!

Our February Outreach was held in Northeast Thailand-Cambodia border, in the extremely difficult regions: Buri Ram’s Lahan Sai, Ban Kruat, Pra Khon Chai, Pra Sat, Kap Coenng, Sangkha. Bandits were a constant source of danger. Some of them tried to disrupt our open-air meetings. We thank God for protecting us; and we praise Him for 32 people who accepted Christ as Saviour. We thank the pastors and members of churches in the surrounding areas for their support and warm fellowship. We are praying that God will lead us back to the Cambodia border again in the near future.

On March 2 to 15 I led a Leadership Conference at the Prayer Mountain in Chonburi’s Ban Bung District. About 100 pastors and church leaders attended. After the Conference we went to Eastern Thailand to continue our Outreach Campaign. Teams of volunteers from local churches helped to distribute the Gospel of John and Ed Long’s booklets on Loneliness, Worry, Fear and Life after Death at the fresh food markets, weekend markets, villages and individual homes. Open-air evangelistic meetings were held at night. Praise and glory be to God for 42 villagers who responded to the altar calls to commit their lives to Jesus. There were many who showed interest.

During the month of April, Saengthong held a Sunday School Teachers Training Course and a Children’s Summer Camp at Thaveeponsipachan Church in Suphanburi Province, 90 Sunday School Teachers from Central Thailand attended the training and about 200 children came to the camp. Open-air meetings held near the church and in different villages and night markets brought a total of 56 adults and children to Christ.

The month of May was a very wet season. Heavy rain made it difficult to hold open-air meetings. But, thank God that we were able to hold a few meetings in school and church halls. Many copies of the John’s Gospel were distributed in villages, government flats and slums. We also talk to small groups of people about salvation in Christ. Praise God for 7 people accepted Christ as personal Saviour.

We thank God for the 137 new Christians! They have all been encouraged to attend local churches. Some of them have been given the Holy Bible. We are grateful to God for His protection in some dangerous encounters along the way. We thank Him too for numbers of Bible College students spent their time with us to practice doing evangelism.

Please Pray with us for:

  • Journey mercies as we travel from place to place
  • New Christians that they will continue to grow spiritually as they participate in the follow-up program
  • Preaching God’s Word throughout Thailand
  • Correspondence Course students
  • Saengthong and my health and safety
  • Our TPTL Churches in Thailand

TPTL Ministry, Myanmar

Reported by Joseph Rajan – TPTL, Myanmar
It is always good to serve the Lord and to be a blessing to people who do not know Jesus as personal Saviour. Through preaching, teaching, reading God’s Word, and evangelism, many people are being transformed by the power of Christ. Psalm 111:10 says, “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom; all who follow His precepts have good understanding.” Worldly wisdom can leave our life empty but Godly wisdom reveals to us the ultimate truth that is found in Jesus and God’s Word.

“Scorpion” and “White Snake” are the most dangerous and notorious gangs in Myanmar. They are famous for all kinds of evil. At an evangelistic meeting recently, I heard the testimony of Yan Naing, the leader of these gangs. Many people were astonished at what he said. Many young people did not believe that such a thing had taken place.

Yan Naing, street fighter, drug user, drunkard, evildoer, was imprisoned for 12 years. He was also infamous during his jail term. Two years before his release he met a Christian lady who had been visiting her brother fortnightly. She gave him some Christian literature and a New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs (NT+Ps+Pv) and encouraged him to read them. She also talked to him about God’s love and how Jesus died on the cross.

Yan Naing became a changed person. People in the prison noticed it. With the help of some fellow prisoners who had become Christians, he started worship services for prisoners. After his release 2 years ago he established a self-supporting prison minsitry and rehabilitation centre. Today, he and a group of former prisoners visit prisons, rehabilitation centres and shut-in alcoholics and drug addicts around Myanmar, sharing the Good News of Jesus with them, and giving them the Gospel of John, NT+Pr+Pv, and Ed Long’s booklets on: Fear, Anger, Loneliness, Life after Death, Investing in the Future, Heaven. Praise God!

NT+Ps+Pv Project:

Over 35,000 copies have been distributed in many parts of Myanmar, and about 10,000 copies will be sent to the Irrawaddy Division and nearby areas soon. People are receiving and reading the Word of God with joy.

In early May this year I attended the Myanmar Youth Global Conference in Chiang Mai. Over 3,000 workers from Myanmar and many other countries attended. I was so happy to see, among the delegates, workers from Thailand reading NT+Pr+Pv! These were lowly paid workers. to have a copy of their own was a great blessing to them.

Benjamin from the Anglican Bishop’s Court in Palletwa on the Chin Hills bordering the Rakhine State where peace and tranquility do not prevail said, By God’s grace I received copies of John’s Gospel and Ed Long booklets from some friends. We do not have the opportunity to share the Good News in person with the Rakhine people up in the mountains due to the situation there. But we manage to get some of the booklets to them and this is the best way to share salvation in Jesus with them. Please send more booklets to help us in this ministry.

Praise God forfunds received for the printing of 50,000 copies of John’s Gospel, 60,000 of Ed Long’s booklets: the distribution of NT+Pr+Pv, and the transformation of Yan Naing’s life.

Pray for the printing and distribution of John’s Gospel and Ed Long’s booklets; the ministry of Yan Naing and his friends; the transformation of the lives of those who read the books they have received; peace and tranquility in Myanmar; and good health for Joseph and Molly.

Associate Field Officer

For some time, our TPTL Executive Board, in reviewing the work of Stephen Downie, our Field Worker, has felt a strong need for an associate officer. Since his appointment eleven years ago, Stephen apart from his periodic missions overseas, has travelled extensively within Australia., promoting TPTL ministry and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Requests for him from churches and fellowship groups in various towns and cities have increased greatly each year. After much prayer, God has led us to Fred Strong, accompanied by his wife, Ruth, to us.

Fred has been appointed Associate Field Officer (part time) with effect from 1 July 2013. He will be based in Melbourne and in the first instance Victoria will be his place of ministry, with the possibility of extending to Tasmania and South Australia. Ruth has been accepted as a member of the Executive Board. Let us uphold him in our daily prayers.

Fred & Ruth Strong’s Profile

Fred: I was born in Oakleigh, Melbourne, in 1941. Three months prior to my birth, my father was killed in an accident. I had some issues at school. My friendship with a few undesirables nearly landed me in trouble. I left school at the age of 14. in 1958 I came to the Lord. This dramatically changed my life. I attended Oakleigh South Methodist Church and, as I loved singing, having been singing for three years of age, I joined the Oakleigh South Methodist Church Choir. It was during this time that I came into contact with Victor Franklin, a wonderful Christian and a famous tenor with the Australian Opera Company. For seven years, from 1962, I was trained under him. At the end of that period I decided to sing for Jesus, to be a Gospel Singer.

In 1966 I attended the Melbourne Bible Institute for two years and was attached to Murrumbeena Baptist Church.There, God opened doors for me to sing around Melbourne. I was invited to be the lead singer and conductor of the Southern Gospel Group called “The Proclaimers” for 15 months. In 1975, I joined a missionary organisation called One Mission Society (OMS) International. In 1977, I met my wife. Together we served in Canberra, Vanuatu and the Soloman Islands. As a Youth Director I travelled through most of Australia, challenging young people to commit their lives to Jesus and go to Bible College. I also had the privilege of singing with OMS in United States of America and Canada.

While ministering with OMS Ruth and I became great friends with Ian Hughes, a wonderful pianist. We formed a Gospel Music Ministry, travelling around Melbourne and Victorian country areas singing, sharing my testimony and preaching. I had also the privilege of singing with Gordon Moyes on Turn Round Australia that was televised nationally.

Around 2007 Ruth and I were visiting a nearby Church to hear a visiting African preacher. Before he shared his message, he pointed me out and prophesied, “The man with the white hair… God hasn’t finished with you yet! He has work for you to do.” Of course I had no idea what that meant.

Some months later I came into contact with Stephen Downie with whom I had ministered in the Youth for Christ ministry over many years. He told me he was with TPTL and was planning a trip to United Arab Emirates (UAE) to share the Gospel of Jesus and the ministry of TPTL, and to raise funds. I gladly accepted his invitation to come along and sing. God has enabled me and my friend Ian Hughes to join Stephen in Dubai, Sharjar and Abu Dhabi for the last three years. This has raised my interest in TPTL. In response to my inquiry about the possibility of being involved in the work, I have been appointed as Associate Field Officer (part time) with the effect from 1 July 2013. Accompanied by Ruth, I will be seeking to minister in churches in Melbourne and country areas of Victoria. Please pray that God will open doors for us to share God’s Word and the work of TPTL through songs, testimonies and preaching, and challenging people to commit their lives to Jesus Christ.

Ruth: I was born in Queensland and brought up on a farm. My parents were committed Christians and I have three wonderful sisters. I worked as a legal secretary and for the Bible Society before travelling to England in 1970 on a working holiday. On my way home to Australia in June 1972 I visited Pokhra, Nepal, where my sister served as a missionary. I helped out in the Mission Office for six months and had a marvelous time fellowshipping with the missionaries, and learning a bit of the language from a Nepali language teacher, as well as trekking to outlaying villags and meeting some Nepali people.

Back in Australia, I resumed my work in the legal office before joining OMS International. I married Fred and together we served with that organisation until 1982 when we moved to Melbourne. After our two children were settled in school, I returned to the workforce, and I have completed over 25 years in administrative role at Chubb.

I gave my heart to the Lord Jesus when I was 14 years of age and have served in different capacities in missions, being a chairperson of the Board of Mission in my previous church. I am now involved in prayer, hospitality and visitors lounge at City Life Church in Melbourne.

I retired at Easter of this year. As well as enjoying the freedom of not having to wake up at 4:00am each day and working well into the evenings on most occasions, I will be able to help Fred carry out the ministry of TPTL. God is at work all over the world and we want to be used by Him to spread His Word which we believe will bring light and life to untold millions.

Storm and Flooding didn’t stop Outreach

Greetings and love from all of us here in Thailand in the precious name of our soon to return Jesus Christ! We continue to be committed to serve Him through our outreach ministry, and we thank you for your encouragement, faithful prayer and support.

Severe flooding occurred during the 2011 monsoon season, triggered by the tropical storm, “Nock-ten”, at the end of July. It spread through the provinces of Northern, North Eastern and Central Thailand along the Mekong and Chao Phraya river basins and inundated parts of Bangkok in October. In some areas flooding persisted until mid January.

A total of 815 people lost their lives and about 14 million people’s livelihood was greatly affected. More than 900,000 people lost their jobs. There were symptoms of hopelessness, depression, and stress, especially among people in underdeveloped areas. Many suffered from health problems.

We thank God that our TPTL Compassion and Care Program, through volunteer teams, were able to distribute foodstuff and clothing to the flood victims. Our volunteers also helped to rescue people affected by the flood, clean the streets, repair damaged homes, and provide temporary shelters.

During this worst flooding that our country had ever experienced, we continued our evangelistic outreach, as well as distributing the Gospel of John and Christian Literature in schools, slums, government flats, and houses in Bangkok and upcountry.

Our Christmas Outreach (12th November to 11th December) was again led by George and Rita Galieh, and their son, Michael. This was their 18th year of partnership in this ministry.

They preached in Government schools, Buddhist schools, private schools, jails, hospitals, national parks, orphanages, shopping centres, markets, slums, hotels, churches, and in open-air meetings.

Their gift of music, art and preaching made significant impact on the lives of people, especially those who, by God’s grace, committed their lives to Jesus Christ.

In Buriram Province in Northeast Thailand, George and Rita presented the Gospel stories through drama to students and teachers in schools. Some headmasters told us that they had never seen such an amazing program and that the students were very lucky to see it. It is heart-warming that they want us to visit the schools again.

We thank God for His abundant blessing, provision and protection throughout our outreach during Bangkok’s worst flood. 21,500 copies of the Gospel of John were distributed. 96 students and adults accepted Christ as their Saviour. Praise and glory be to God!

Please pray with us for:
• New Christians that they will grow spiritually
• Summer Outreach from February to May
• Journey mercy as we travel from place to place
• Our TPTL churches
• Compassion and Care Relief Program
• Our health
• Youth and children’s camps during summer.