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All editions include a Love is the Bridge supplement and a FREE basic Correspondence Course.

Love is the Bridge

Gospel of John NIV

New Day New Life

Gospel of John NIV

Actual size: 12cm x 7.5cm
70 cents each
Actual size: 13.5cm x 9cm
70 cents each

Ready References

Love is the Bridge (Tract)

Jesus, My Saviour

For your Bible or Testament
A treasure of information
to find your way in the Scriptures.
Designed to fasten inside the cover
of a Bible or New Testament
A useful tract clearly setting out
the Way to Salvation
through faith in Jesus Christ.
A neat 8-page folder,
suitable for teens as well as adults.
8 pages
Deals with the
Way of Salvation
and the importance of making
Christ the Lord of our lives.
20 cents 15 cents 40 cents