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All editions include a Love is the Bridge supplement and a FREE basic Correspondence Course.

Love is the Bridge

Gospel of John NIV

New Day New Life

Gospel of John NIV

New Testament


Actual size: 12cm x 7.5cm
70 cents each
Actual size: 13.5cm x 9cm
70 cents each
in New International Version
Actual size: 9.25cm x 13.25cm
$3 per copy – 10% discount for
100 copies or more

Ready References

Love is the Bridge (Tract)

Jesus, My Saviour

Helpful Scriptures

For your Bible or Testament
A treasure of information
to find your way in the Scriptures.
Designed to fasten inside the cover
of a Bible or New Testament
A useful tract clearly setting out
the Way to Salvation
through faith in Jesus Christ.
A neat 8-page folder,
suitable for teens as well as adults.
8 pages
Deals with the
Way of Salvation
and the importance of making
Christ the Lord of our lives.
4 pages.
An aid in witnessing.
First line used to help find
the correct verse.
20 cents 15 cents 40 cents 30 cents

Other Useful Tracts

That’s Faith 30 cents
The Helen Cadbury Story 30 cents
Mini Concordance 30 cents
In Times Like These 30 cents
I Bombed Pearl Harbour 30 cents
A Tool for Evangelism 30 cents

We also have a limited number of Arabic / English bibles priced at $4.50 each. Please contact the office if you wish to purchase one.