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Bruce Kelly, Melbourne Evangelist

Melbourne is truly multi-cultural. This is no more evident than in Federation Square on a sunny Tuesday or Thursday afternoon. Our overseas visitors are usually more given to discussing spiritual issues than our Aussie counterparts. I have learned much more about my Christian faith since interacting with these visitors.
There are also many asylum seekers in our midst. I know quite a few of them. I believe that over time and given the opportunity they can make a significant contribution to our country.
Please pray especially for Persian Christians in detention centres. Recently I received an email from a couple currently working among asylum seekers on Christmas Island that a former “client”, Mohammad, now living in Box Hill, would like a visit. I referred him to a Persian Christian in our church. True to his word, he texted me a few days later, “Hi Bruce, I have talked to Mohammad. Hopefully, he will come to church this Sunday.” How good is that? Our Persian friends will, over time, make an excellent contribution to society.
They are worth encouraging.