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Report from Nigeria

By Pastor Udeme Eyeni

Distribution of John’s Gospels continues with street Evangelists Stephen and Elisha. Gospels have been distributed to a house church called Greater Light Ministry. Many souls are being won through the use of John’s Gospels our stocks are likely to be exhausted around March.

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Report from Nepal

By Sandeep Sikarmi

Correspondence classes were held at Kritipur and Alpha and Omega Churches in Kathmandu. The Church
members were excited and happy to complete the courses and feel blessed. A further 50,000 Gospels of John are being printed, thanks to TPTL supporters.

Please pray for our country and our family. We are suffering shortages of all food items, medicines, electricity, fuel, gas and a lot more. We are in full crisis and paying high prices for our daily needs. Please uphold Nepal in your daily prayers that we can return to normality. By the Grace of God we are somehow surviving.

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Report from South America

By Norberto Diazgranados

Outreach took place in Los Patios, Villa del Rosario, Cucuta (near Venezuela) and our ongoing work continues in Barranquilla. We have just finished our last period of evangelism in a rural area. On January 10, while we were preaching, in one of the side streets a couple of men crossed over, running really fast, when they reached us they just fell to their knees crying out to Jesus. How awesome it was to see them coming to Jesus that way!

Both were living on the streets for more than 10 years, they were also drug addicts and alcoholics. One of them testified that the Holy Spirit spoke to him while he was consuming drugs saying go to that lady giving
out Gospels, because I am going to set you free from drugs, sin and alcohol through My Word. Today he is new man. Free by the power of Jesus through the reading of the Gospel of John. He came and has joined us in Church this week.

Praise God for the funds to print 40,000 more Gospels of John.

Pray for a training seminar in May to coincide with Stephen’s visit.

Outreach programs and Gospel distribution in 2016.

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A new project in Vietnam


Gospel tracts were distributed in the Highlands of Vietnam by a group of Christian people from Ulverstone in

Duchy is a returned Vietnam soldier who first went to Vietnam with a rifle and last December returned with the Word of God. He joined the family of Jonathon, Ahn & Sarah to hand out to the Pastors Christian Vietnamese gospel literature. There has already been much blessing.

Four Pastors from Jer-rai, where we meet in a local Church. Anh my wife,met one of the Pastors last year and they took away 3,000 tracts, 200 full Vietnamese Bibles, 50 Hymn books in Jer-rai and 70 New Testaments. This resulted in 26 new believers and I am sure there are more to come. This December we gave 6,000 tracts and again prayed over the Gospel seeds and shared our testimonies.

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Report from Thailand

By Somchai Soonthornturasuk

Our Christmas outreach campaign was successful and we give praise & glory to God for the past three months where 200 people made a decision to accept Christ for their Saviour. We do appreciate and thank you for your prayers and TPTL’s planning to arrange the finances for us to print 100,000 Gospels of John.
• Pray for Stephen & Pastor Jordan’s visit to Thailand & their Ministry to the Thai people in April.

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Solar Powered Audio Bible

By Stephen Downie, TPTL Field Office

The Solar Powered Audio Bible is read by actor David Suchet. Excellent for the visually impaired, shut-ins, meditation & quiet times. Simple to use, cost effective, small & durable. With inbuilt speaker & earphone jack for private listening.
Available in English or Spanish.
Ring the Office to order 02 9502 2982

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Report from: Bangladesh

By James Karmakar

Recently I attended a Pastors and  Evangelists Conference where 550 participants took part. They were from different Churches and language groups. John’s Gospels were distributed for them to share with others in their own areas.  We have a planned outreach program in November for 10-12 days where we will be able to distribute the Gospels.

  • Please pray for our next distribution program.
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Report from: Nepal

By Sandeep Sikarmi

50,000 copies of John’s Gospel have been printed and I am now distributing them to Himalayan Crusade, Agape, Shalu, Milan, Uthsaha, Dhading and Aashish churches. The Gospels have reached many places in Nepal and many churches are planning to use them in their Christmas programs. We really have been blessed by TPTL. We pray for TPTL and its contributors that God gives them giving hearts and helpful hands.


  • Pray for Nepal, it is going through a crisis of food, fuel and gas which has been blockaded by India.
  • Pray for peace between Nepal and India.
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Report from: Thailand

By Somchai Soonthornturasuk

We arrived back from Northern Thailand serve the Lord due to the heavy rains which affected our open air meetings, the heavy rain also made travelling from village to village hard, however
13 people decided to accept Christ for their personal Saviour.

We re-visited the village that had been destroyed by fire, Na Krean in Chiangmai’s OmKoi District. We gave out 25 Compassion & Care parcels and subsidized 200 people who were
suffering and homeless.

  • We thank you for your prayers, Saengthong is recovering from the eye operation.
  • Please continue to pray for our Evangelistic Outreach Ministry


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Report from South America

By Norberto Diazgranados

The social crisis is terrible in all senses due to the political situation in Venezuela. Many people are suffering from lack of  medicines and food, we do not have to help them, but we have Christ, we have His Word, we have His will, so that is what we do. We carry the Gospel to them, we preach Jesus and many are being conquered by God. About 78% of the population have started practicing a new occult based on Buddha and demonic powers, they call themselves ‘Los Babaloos’. There is much to do, but thanks to TPTL we have already begun. Through our preaching, 8 people have been delivered from that king of deception. 90 people are being discipled in one city and 230 people in another city. A big revival is coming to this nation. We have commissioned two sisters, elders of the church, to go as missionaries to the Venezuela border to preach the gospel for 5 months, delivering the remaining 3,000 gospels. Also with them, a young lady in training, please pray for Alfa,
Silvana and Caroline.

I am glad to inform TPTL that the discipleship classes are going well and the number of people receiving the teachings is growing every day.

• Praise God for donations to enable TPTL to print a further 30,000 Gospels of John.
• Praise God for Norberto opening his home for discipleship training.

It has been such a blessing when we could reach all these people in Christ, all of them have a copy of the Gospel of John provided by TPTL.

We hope to celebrate 23 water baptisms next month in Barranquilla City, Northern Country areas, they are all being taught in the faith of Jesus.