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Bruce Kelly writes:

Occasionally I have been asked, how can you expect to make a difference with your evangelism? I don’t think it’s necessarily my right to expect to see any differences made. I believe a small seed planted for God could yield a multitude of fruit we may never see.  Our job is simply to do as God calls us to do and to continue praying over our obedient acts and let God worry about the yield.

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Northern Territory reader writes:

The Newsletter is wonderfully inspiring. Thanks for the news of Venezuela and for showing the spiritual battle for souls going on there. The letter about the three Israeli families who sent their sons to Israel and each found  Christ. I was also very excited to see that you produce a bilingual NT in Arabic and English for $4. This is an answer to prayer. We have refugees flooding into Australia who need the Lord and some are seeking.

I recently shared my faith with Abdul a Pakistani taxi driver. He wanted to know if the god Allah is the same as the Christian God and said I was the second person to say he was different and to explain the Bible is different to the Koran. He agreed with me that we are living in the Last Days and wanted peace not war. Thank you and bless your ministry.

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Letter from Cessnock Gospel Hall, NSW:

The Assembly has supported TPTL ministry for many years and still enjoys a prayerful and practical relationship with you all. Your effectiveness in winning souls for The Lord will only be revealed in Eternity. That’s  another surprise from Our Lord to which we can look forward. We also pray diligently for the furtherance of the Gospel and all those involved in carrying out the work of Our Lord. Your work in spreading the Gospel and encouraging The Lord’s people in their most holy faith is frequently the subject of our prayers.   We pray you will be conscious of The Lord’s presence at all times.

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A Victorian reader writes:

I thoroughly enjoyed reading the latest TPTL Newsletter. It’s fantastic to read of the work you’re all doing in South America, Africa and Asia. May the Lord Jesus bless the marvelous work you are all doing.

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An email titled ‘Something fishy here’…

A Jewish businessman in Chicago sent his son to Israel for a year to absorb the culture. When the son returned he said, Papa I had a great time in Israel and by the way I converted to Christianity. What have I done? Said the father. He took his problem to his best friend, Ike.

Ike, he said, I sent my son to Israel and he came home a Christian, what can I do? Funny you should ask said Ike. I too sent my son to Israel and he also came home a Christian. Perhaps we should go see the Rabbi. So they did, and explained their problem to the Rabbi.

Funny you should ask, said the Rabbi. I too sent my son to Israel and he also came home a Christian.
What is happening to our young people? And so they all prayed telling the Lord about their sons. As they finished their prayer a Voice came from the Heavens: Funny you should ask, said the Voice. I too sent my Son to Israel … and he started Christianity.

Author unknown.

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A Victorian contributor writes…

I just want to say a huge thank you for sharing with us. The work of TPTL is so incredibly exciting. As a church we need to be informed of what is being done in the world in Jesus name. The literature is wonderful and
I look forward to sharing the copies I brought home.

Thank you Fred (Strong) for the message, I’m sure each one of us were encouraged and challenged by your words, however I was particularly glad my grandson and his girlfriend were there to hear what you had to say. He has grown up in a Christian home, but has not made a personal commitment and his girlfriend had never been in a church. She loves joining with us and hasn’t missed a week since. There is much for us to pray about, and so your message was perfect for them both.

Would you also pass my appreciation on to Ian & Coralie (Hughes) please. It as an absolute joy to meet them and
Ian’s music is an incredible gift that he so willingly shares.

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A Queenslander writes..

Thank you for your Newsletter which I read with interest. I have been a supporter since the 1940’s, when your
representative was Eddie Free. I am now 90 years of age, was then in my late teens. Keep up the good work.

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A Message from Cairns

The latest Gospels you sent are going to an aboriginal community along with some New Testaments. Please put the Cape communities on your prayer list. They have been very hard to win for Jesus Christ.

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Victorian Evangelist

Bruce Kelly is a Victorian Evangelist who regularly visits Federation Square, Swanston Street, Flinders Street Railway Station and Box Hill Transit Station and asks his big question, ‘What is the most important question in all the world for you?’, to tourists and students from all countries and backgrounds including Sri Lankan, Korean, Pakistani, Chinese and Greek, Spanish, Italian to Dutch and Austrian and many more, he gives out Christian literature in their native languages. Please pray for Bruce, his work and his continuing good health.
John 8:12 NIV