Correspondence Course

Part of the Pocket Testament League’s diverse ministry is a free correspondence course based on the Gospel of John in the New International Version (NIV). Simply download each lesson from the website, complete the lesson materials and post or email your form back to TPTL.


Introductory Course

Students 12 years and older begin with the Introductory lesson which is marked and returned to them.

Elementary Course

There are four Elementary lessons which follow on from the Introductory one.  On completion of the Introductory and Elementary Courses a student will receive a certificate and will also be offered a complimentary New Testament.

Advanced Course

On completion of the Elementary lessons, students can complete five Advanced lessons which contain notes to help with understanding the passage to be studied.



The Correspondence Courses for children consist of two levels:  Level Red and Level Blue.

Level Red is designed for children six years plus.  There are five lessons following these themes:

Level Blue is designed for children eight years plus.  There are five lessons with each one covering a few chapters of the Gospel.

Each course contains sketches, puzzles and simple craft ideas