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First Day Report in South America with Norberto and Katherine

I get off the plane in Barranquilla Airport after travelling for 2 days. Very tired and desperate for a bed and they take me to a reception from their House Church and that goes for 2 hours.

Already I have been told Norberto and Katherine have visited  HAITI ( where there was a cyclone) and they now have contacts with 55 Churches and 7000 are doing the Correspondence course.

The On Line Correspondence course has so far got over 3000 participating.. Norberto is servicing this on his own so he will need help. It is in Spanish and they are getting requests from all over the world.

They have opened an office on a street front given to them by a Christian who has allowed them to use the front lounge as an office and storage area for the gospels.
It has a Neon sign out the front: The Pocket Testament.

The House Church of about 25 people are expected to go on to the streets and knock on doors. One man started in the Church and was put to work talking to people on the streets.
It is an expectation. You don´t sit in this Church.
So far the street ministry has started 7 House Churches and they have a goal to start 70 Churches this year.

They are going into the Amazon jungle meeting people who live there and already they are translating the gospel of John to provide Scriptures for them. People are becoming Christians in the Jungle who have never read the Bible. There  are 3 distinct groups who live in the Jungle of about 200000 people per group.

I have told them about a Church in Adelaide who got this project in South America under way.
They will ask for help with printing 50000 gospels for Haiti, 50000 gospels for the Amazom jungle and a further 100000 gospels for Latin America.

They are saying how glad they are an expert in Evangelism has come back to them and I am trying to get a word in and say to them I am here to learn from them..

But I think I can help them with understanding what happens when they share the gospel.
There is much joy according to Luke 10:1-21 but look out because you are in the territory of darkness and pulling down the strongholds of Satan.
¨ I saw Satan fall from heaven¨said Jesus.

There is a Wind Blowing here in South America and Norberto and Katherine have no connection with the mainline Churches because they do not want to be tied down to that dreaded PC.
They do not follow an order of service.
Its about Praise, testimonies, communion, prayer and the Word.
It is as close to Acts 2 as you can get.

I have suggested to them already: As the Church grows, do not get a bigger building.
Start another Church.
They have got a wisdom here that can only be from the Holy Spirit: people from the street are put into a House Church and they are not trying to assimilate them straight off into the main Assembly.

This is a great example of doing our humble bit and letting the Holy Spirit take over

Stephen Downie
TPTL Australia.