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Letters to the “Good News Club”, UAE Church

Dearest Uncles at the Pocket Testament Ministry, Hi, my name is Christine. I am 10 years old. My brother Jairus and I got some money from our uncle and we decided we would give it to the Lord for the ministry. We are happy the Lord brought you here. We will continue to pray for you.
With all our love and prayers. Christine and Jairus. PS Pray for us too.

Dear Uncle Stephen, This letter is from Richie. I am sorry I can’t come to the meeting because I am very sick, so sick that I may not go to school. I have a very bad cough. I am sorry I can’t see you. Anyway can you please give your email address to my mother or father, so even when you go back to Australia without seeing me, we can still send emails to each other. Please give e regards to Uncle Ian, Aunty Corrlie and Uncle Fred.