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Second Day Report in South America by Stephen Downie

The big question is: Why is this blessing happening in South America and it is rare news  in Australia?

I have watched the people and the neighborhood.
They still have people selling bread, ice cream,vegetables, anything you want and people are in the streets with their wares. There is not the social security we have in Australia.
They are used to people contact here and people know each other in the street.
It is normal to be stopped in the street.

Street witnessing does not have the stigma here as it does in Australia.

I can remember Australia used to be like this in the 1950´s
I even remember the dunney man picking up the pan and seeing it drip down his hat. I was only a child.

We have become suspicious, hostile to interruption and the Church failures has taken its toll.
Business has taken over the minds of people and that has made us more secretive, private and isolated.
This means we have a different environment in Australia.

However the Holy Spirit is in the business of breaking down walls.
Yet there is a stubborn wall that even God has trouble with. It is unbelief!

Norberto has just told me of an experience with a man who had been shot. He prayed for him and there was a healing which gave him an open door into his community.

In Australia now there is a common thought the Church is irrelevant, the Bible is for former times and we are moving on from the historical importance of Christianity People have lost the historical perspective in Australia.
We are back in the Book of Judges where everyman did that which is right in his own eyes

It is a very dynamic place in this House Church..
A young man has just come in and he preaches in the jungle.
I told him not to get sidetracked by doing other things. He is a Missionary and that is his gift.
A young married woman comes in and she had a dream which told her to pray for her neighbour. She was scared and left it for a week. She goes in next door and the lady is pregnant and bleeding. (Medical services are poor so they believe in prayer).
She prayed for her neighbour and the bleeding stopped and now she will come to the House Church next weekend.

Why has the Australian Church lost its bearings?
We have become sensitive and afraid.
We are in bondage!
We have lost our liberty and freedom.

Does not Peter tell us that revival must begin first with us.

I have told Norberto that as long as the Lord keeps him reaching into far flung corners of South America we will support him as long as the Lord provides.
50000 gospels for Haiti, 50000 gospels for the 3 groups of 200000 people in each group in the jungle and 100000 gospels for Latin America.

THIS IS DAY TWO in South America
Stephen Downie
TPTL Australia