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The day Australia lost its innocence

By Stephen Downie, TPTL Field Officer Australia
Bible Reading 1 Corinthians 13

On Monday December 15 in Sydney Australia, 17 people were held hostage in a Cafe in Martin Place at gun point. Two Australians in the prime of their life, a man and one lady a mother of 3 children, were cut down in the siege. 17 people doing what
a lot of Australians do was simply drinking coffee and a chat.

This has highlighted the presence of evil in our midst. This is not the only indication of evil in Australia. We have families caught in a murder – suicide tragedy. In December, 2014 a 10 year old girl committed suicide. There is child abuse in the community in institutions and in the Church.

I was in Smithton Tasmania, which is far north west, isolated from the big city, a village type place and there is a massive problem with drugs. Drug dealers have moved in and picked on individuals in High School and Primary Schools and once the Ice
drug is tasted you are addicted. 300 people were at a meeting to express their dismay at the changes in life in Smithton and the helplessness parents feel.

We must choose to follow the path of love and peace and above all the Prince of Peace and give
no entry for evil to flourish.

God is love, says the Bible.
Love casts out fear, says the Bible.
Love thinks no evil, says 1 Corinthians 13.
Faith, hope and love, but the greatest is love.